2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

Jason Ortiz

Quality Assurance Coordinator - Dallas County Tax Office

webDEALER 101

Tuesday, July 23th 10:00 a.m.

I’ve been with the Dallas County Tax office for 14 years, I started out as a frontline representative and moved up to MV manager. I’ve been a Quality Assurance Coordinator since 2015 in the administration department of the tax office. I hold a CTOP, PCC, and PDAC certifications and have presented before on topics regarding tax office/TXDMV fraud reports & best county practices as well as topics related to licensed title service in Texas. Prior to working at Dallas County, I served in the United States Navy from 2001-2006 and worked at a plaintiffs law firm in Dallas before joining the tax office. When not working I enjoy racing in adventure expeditions and Ironman Triathlons.