2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

Jonathan Dawson

Founder/President - Sellchology Sales Training

Lead Handling to Generate Appointments that Show

Tuesday, July 23th 9:00 a.m.

Jonathan Dawson is an automotive consultant, sales trainer, author, speaker and coach. For 14 years, he has been helping dealerships and sales teams improve sales, reduce turnover and implement effective marketing strategies.
His core teaching philosophy is known as Sellchology - Selling through Psychology. This approach focuses on understanding buying behavior and why some sales methods are more effective than others. Salespeople and managers who understand why a technique works become more educated, empowered and effective.
Having been in thousands of dealerships across the country, Jonathan’s goal is to help dealerships learn how to out-experience their competition by creating a unique culture. This approach is a combination of customer-focused selling, community-driven marketing and people-focused leadership.
Jonathan is known for his conversational teaching style and common-sense approach. His information is fresh and practical because he is in dealerships every month and still sells cars.
In addition to consulting with dealer clients, Jonathan frequently speaks at conferences, state associations and 20 group meetings. He is a best-selling published author and a contributing writer for industry publications.