2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

Kendra Brown

Dealer Principal Brown Family Auto Sales LLC

Kendra Brown brings tremendous passion to her career in the automotive industry of over 16 years. Growing up in her dad’s Buy-Here-Pay-Here operation in Houston, TX, Kendra got her first automotive work experience making collection calls and skip tracing, which grew to identify ways to streamline her dad’s operation. After five years of managing and improving upon every task, from inventory management to floor planning, titling, and OCCC compliance in her dad’s operation, Kendra launched her dealership, Brown Family Auto Sales, alongside her husband in 2010, with her dad as a mentor. In the last ten years, Kendra has developed a solid track record of developing and implementing marketing strategies, process improvements, and cost control initiatives that grow revenue while reducing operational costs. Not only has she demonstrated the cost-benefit of process efficiency in her operation at Brown Family Auto Sales, but she has also worked with franchise operations, multi-location independent used car dealers, and single-location buy-here-pay-here operations where she has proven her talent for leveraging analytics to design data-driven strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.