2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

Sean Baker & Max Seltzer

Sales Consultants – JM&A Group Consulting Solutions

Sean Baker
My name is Sean Baker and I have been in and around the retail automotive space for the past 18 years. I spent 9 years working in the retail world and held positions as Sales Consultant, Internet Sales, Sales Manager, F&I Manager, and General Sales Manager. I joined the JM&A Group in 2014 as an F&I Specialist and spent 8 years as a District Manager serving our Dealers in the Houston and South Carolina markets. Currently, I am in the Consulting Solutions department at JM&A, assisting our Field Team and Dealers with all of the consulting services that we offer. We offer Variable and Fixed training, Virtual F&I, Fixed Operations Consulting, and many other solutions for Dealers.

Max Seltzer
My name is Max Seltzer and I started my career at JM Family working for JM Lexus in 2008. I worked as a Sales Consultant, Internet Manager, Sales Manager, and F&I Manager during my career at JM Lexus prior to making my way to the JM&A Group in 2012. At JM&A Group I held positions as an F&I Specialist, Field Development Specialist, and District Manager in the Chicago market. I currently work in the Consulting Solutions department at JM&A and have a passion for helping our Dealers succeed through training, development, and accountability.