2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

National Dealer Panel

Otto Hahne (MI), Dan Johnson (NY), Joe Mok (IL) Moderator: Bill Elizondo, NIADA

Real Talk with Three National Rock Stars of Special Finance & Retail

Tuesday, July 25th 10:00 a.m.

Otto Hahne (City of Cars, Michigan)
Otto Hahne, CMD founded City of Cars in 1994 and won the 2019-2020 National Quality Dealer of the Year award. He's earned numerous accolades over his career, has served multiple positions in the MIADA, and in 2022 opened his first Buying Center. Having served the industry for over three decades, he strives to make this industry better for future generations of automotive dealers and consumers.

Dan Johnson (LiteHouse Auto, New York)
Dan is the owner and General Manager of LiteHouse Auto, where he has worked for the past 20 years, and owned for the last 10 years. LiteHouse Auto is a retail dealership located in semi-rural Lakewood NY.
Dan is also very involved in the automotive industry - he is the Vice-President of the NYIADA and the Region 1 Vice President for the NIADA.

Joe Mok (GMotorcars, Illinois)
Joe started his journey in the car business just as he graduated high school by selling Chevrolets at night and college during the days. In 2009 and developed Gmotorcars.com in the Chicagoland area. GMotorcars is mainly prime retail and has sold over 8,000 vehicles in their 14-year tenure. They concentrate on commercial vehicles and other specialty units. Joe currently serves as the Illinois Independent Dealer Association president and is a huge advocate for partnerships, unity and education. Joe has been a NIADA member for over 10 years.


Bill Elizondo, Senior 20 Group Moderator, NIADA