Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. Sessions

From Guts to Data: Finding Balance in the Decision-Making Process

Presented by Greg Chaney – CEO Chacon Autos(San Antonio, TX) & Blake Ingram – Owner Auto City (Dallas, TX) 

How do you decide between trusting your gut and leaning into data for your dealership? Join veteran dealers Blake and Greg for an engaging session about why and how they each use data to make informed decisions. There is an overwhelming amount of data you can use for your business, and even more ways to look at and interpret that data. We often get trapped into thinking data is a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are so many variables that it really depends on your dealership’s size, goals, and capabilities to determine what works best for you. In this session, Blake and Greg will discuss the personal philosophy and measurements that fit with their own businesses and provide practical insights to help you find a balance between your own instincts and available data you can use in your decision-making process.

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A Dealer’s Complete Guide to Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Compliance

Detecting Fraud Panel 

Panelists: Jessica Gonzalez – InformedIQ, Det. Sergio Arguello – San Antonio Police Department, James Waldron – 1st Adjusters 

Moderator: Eddie Hale 

Learn to stop fraud at your dealership before it happens. This expert panel will provide you with a complete guide for preventing, detecting, and staying compliant in fraud prevention by giving you the strategies you need to stay ahead of scammers before they strike. In this session, the panel will discuss the latest trends and tactics in fraud schemes, tips for spotting red flags and establishing fraud detection protocols, and maintaining regulatory compliance so you can arm your business with the best practices in preventing fraud and protecting your assets. 

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webDEALER 101

Presented by Jason Ortiz  & Amanda Andrews– Quality Assurance Coordinators Dallas County Tax Office

A new Texas law will require you to be on webDEALER, which will soon be the only way to process vehicle titles and registrations. This is an important change all dealers need to understand, but it is also very easy to incorporate into your operations. Staying ahead of the deadline by getting on webDEALER early will help you avoid any potential setbacks as the deadline approaches. In this session, you will learn how important and easy it is to get your dealership on the webDEALER system now before the HB 718 mandate takes effect. Jason and Amanda will introduce how the system works from the perspective of the dealer and from the Tax Office.

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How to Deal with Insurance Carriers

Presented by Doug Lattanzio – Jameson & Dunagan, P.C.

Doug Lattanzio has handled hundreds of insurance dispute cases for car creditors.  Over the last several years, Doug has noticed a significant increase in the number of problems BHPH dealers are encountering with insurance carriers. In this presentation, Doug will discuss the common insurance issues facing dealers including the positive and negative effects of the loss payee clause, property damage settlement checks issued by either the customer’s or third party’s carriers without including the dealer as payee, forged and/or missing dealer endorsements on property damage settlement checks and the most common insurance adjustor tactics to deny coverage or low-ball settlement offers.

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Requirements and Responsibilities for Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Presented by Huffman Lewis – Director of Consumer Protection & Eric Fancher – Senior Field Examiner – Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC)

This session will provide an overview of the regulations and responsibilities surrounding collateral protection insurance (CPI) in Texas. It will cover the definitions of key terms such as “collateral,” “creditor,” and “debtor,” as well as the requirements for obtaining and maintaining collateral protection insurance. Additionally, Huffman and Eric will address the specific duties of creditors, including notice requirements and the process for canceling collateral protection insurance. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the rights and obligations of both creditors and debtors under the Texas Finance Code.

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