Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. Sessions

Legal Challenges to Fast Turns of Inventory 

Presented by Mark Jones – CEO MCMC (Dallas, TX) & Greg Bissonnette – General Counsel & Compliance Officer Drive Casa (Dallas, TX)

In this session, attorney Greg Bissonnette and dealer Mark Jones will discuss the intersection of reconditioning vehicles, avoiding unhappy customers, and limiting liability related to the condition of vehicles. This should be a lively conversation because of recent changes to vehicle state inspection requirements, safety recall litigation, and the challenges of getting vehicles in customers’ hands as quickly as possible at the best price possible. 

BHPH Unplugged

National Dealer Panel Discussion

Panelists: Chris Smiley (Pennsylvania), Winston Sleeth (Missouri)

Moderator: Ben Goodman

The most attended session at every conference every year providing a unique opportunity to hear from three of the best dealers in the country. There are no slick PowerPoints or presentations in this session –it is real dealers talking about real problems and real successes. The panels are designed to be interactive and educational for the largest dealer or the one-man operation. Have questions about marketing, collections, underwriting, operations, make ready, or anything BHPH related? Then this is the session for you. Let’s talk business and don’t forget to bring your questions. 

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Boosting Conversions with Website Optimization Tools

Presented by Chris Jackson – Director of Digital Operations – Big Time Marketing & Advertising

There are free (yes, really!) tools that all dealers can use to examine and optimize their websites. These digital resources are must-haves for making your website easy to find, user-friendly, accessible, and fast. In this session, Chris will show you how to run performance checks, conduct speed tests, analyze user behavior, and explore search engine optimization tips to maximize the performance of your dealership website. This is a can’t-miss session for any dealers looking to improve inbound digital marketing, reach the right buyers, and delight them in their experience as they explore your dealership online.  

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Securing Your Dealership: Best Practices for Tags, Nonpublic Personal Information, and Titles

Presented by Corrie Thompson – Director of Enforcement Division – Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Dealers will be responsible for securing a supply of metal plates in addition to the numerous things of value dealers already store. In this session, TxDMV Director of Enforcement, Corrie Thompson will discuss ways to properly secure the supply of metal plates once they are in the dealership and give a refresher on best practices for securing other items of value to criminals, including titles and nonpublic personal information.

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Staying Current in the Retail Landscape

Presented by Jeremy Beck – President of Dealer Development and Industry Insights – NIADA

The world of automotive retail has been changing faster than the wind changes direction. Many dealers are struggling to keep up with best practices in digital and multi-touch retail, and vehicle inventory unpredictability in recent years has been staggering. In this session, Jeremy will discuss many areas in which the retail landscape is changing and what we could experience in the coming months so you can prepare your business for success.

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