Cars and Coffee

In-Depth Q&A with Two Masters of Collections

Brent Carmichael – Consultant NCM Associates
Chuck Bonanno – BHPH Consultant

This one will pay for your conference registration and then some. Brent Carmichael and Chuck Bonanno together in one room. Don’t miss this chance to fire your questions at the two foremost authorities on this subject.  No one has more experience than these two professional moderators. They work with the best dealers in the country, and they make good collection departments better.

Set Your Dealership Apart With the TIADA CPO Program

Mark Jones – MCMC
Eddie Hale –
Neighborhood Autos

Looking for that one thing that will set your inventory apart from the competition? Putting a TIADA CPO Sticker on the windshield may be just the program you are looking for. Come listen to two Texas dealers who are not only participating in the program but using the CPO program to help drive customers to their dealerships. They will take a deep dive in explaining the numbers and discuss how the CPO philosophy sets their dealerships apart. Most importantly, they will answer any CPO questions you put to them. This is the session you will be thinking about on the drive home.

The New Enforcement Philosophy for CFPB & FTC

L. Jean Noonan, Esq., Partner – Hudson Cook, LLP
Earl Cooke, Director of Compliance and Business Development –

Significant changes in the federal executive branch from a change in president have brought on a new enforcement climate and priorities at the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Earl and Jean will continue their conversation found in the Texas Dealer magazine. Noonan will rely on her experience as a former executive at the FTC and recent work with the CFPB to offer strategies for staying out of their crosshairs. She will also answer your questions about what enforcement will look like under the new administration in Washington, D.C. Earl will discuss some of the hot compliance questions he receives while working with dealers every day. Among other things, you can expect a lively conversation on the benefits and risks of reporting credit and charging different interest rates.