Hands-On Demos

Spotting Document Fraud

Darren Schlosser – Sergeant Houston Police Department, Auto Theft Division – Vehicle Fraud Unit
Jenissa Rice – COO Auto Liquidators

Fraud impacts every Texas auto dealer. Potential customers show up with fake IDs, counterfeit pay stubs, fabricated utility bills, and more. Sgt. Schlosser and Jenissa share first-hand experience dealing with fraud, identity theft, and financial crimes at the dealership. In this session, dealers will handle confiscated fraudulent documents, learn how to spot a fake ID, and examine common tricks used to falsify papers. Attendees will also learn sound policies and practices to implement at the dealership to mitigate risk, and make sure the person in front of you is exactly who they say they are.

Auction Secrets and the Unwritten Protocol

Wayne Carey – Auction Guru

Not sure how things work in the auction lane, and I feel intimidated about the process.” That is something we always hear from new dealers. Auction expert Wayne Carey has been on both sides of the lane as a buyer, ring man, GM, and everything in between. In this uniquely interactive session, he will walk you through the 311 of buying at the auction and explain exactly what is going on in the lane. Understand the hand gestures, eye signals, numbers on the windshield, role of the auctioneer, and much more so you can own the auction lane. In this auction 101 session, attendees will practice what they learned until the auctioneer hollers SOLD! Note: arbitration will not be discussed in this session.

Walkaround Competition

Cory Mosley – Company Principal Mosley Strategy Group, LLC

Who will be crowned best salesperson in Texas? In this “shark tank” like environment, you get to decide. Watch some of the top salespeople in Texas demonstrate their ability to enhance the value of a vehicle for a customer, simply by highlighting the connection between what the customer wants and how a particular vehicle satisfies those desires. This session is always educational and entertaining, and one attendee will walk out with $500 in cold hard cash. Come judge, critique, and learn –don’t miss out!