Monday – 10:30 a.m. Sessions

Building a High Performing Sales and Management Team

Presented by Marshall Zoerner – Vice President – Freeman Motor Company (Portland, Oregon)

Back by popular demand! One of the highest-rated sessions from 2022 is back at this year’s conference with up-to-date industry metrics. In today’s market, every sale is precious and every customer matters, so we can’t afford to miss an opportunity. We need to make sure we have a well-trained staff, outlined expectations, and the best customer service. Marshall regularly consults with and trains dealers around the county on building and motivating teams to be their best. Every attendee will walk away from this session with a solid understanding of how to retain your employees, a simple in-person and online sales process, and measurable expectations for sales managers’ accountability and analysis.
-Retail/Management/Dealers Learning from Dealers-

Don’t Be Held Hostage by a Big Customer Problem

Presented by Tom Kline – Lead Consultant and Founder Better Vantage Point

Sometimes we encounter major problems with customers that seem impossible to escape. In this presentation, Tom offers a 3-step guide to avoid being held hostage by these sticky situations, without forcing you to give away the farm. Many dealers take for granted that it is almost always possible to manage a crisis by reaching a compromise with the customer before they file a complaint against their business. Investigators prefer to see dealers and customers reach an agreement and handle the problem together. Tom will show you how to get that done by initiating a series of in-person meetings that bring even the most complicated problems to a conclusion.

How to Implement Day to Day Social Media and Review Tactics

Dealer Panel Discussion

Panelists:  Michael Zak (Dixon Motors, Houston), Tiffany Villarreal (McAllen Auto Sales, McAllen), Harry Buchelly (Discovery Auto Sales, Austin)

Moderator: Cesar Torres

If you are interested in gaining valuable, real-world insights into how dealers strategize and manage social media, then this session is definitely for you! Learn from dealers as they discuss their mistakes and successes in handling social media and reviews, managing day-to-day tasks, discovering and utilizing digital tools, administering their processes, handling negative reviews, finding the best platforms, and more.


Tax Policy Update from the Comptroller’s Office

Presented by Lavonne Key – Tax Analyst Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

To tax or not to tax, that is the question. TIADA receives this call every year. Lavonne Key, Tax Analyst for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is here to answer the question. She will discuss unique tax circumstances in your dealership, including taxes related to repairing and reconditioning vehicles, taxes on accessories for the vehicle including GPS units, and when a vehicle is no longer a motor vehicle for tax purposes.

5 Ways to Increase Opportunities for Better Collections Relationships

Presented by Bill Elizondo – Senior 20 Group Moderator, Trainer, and Consultant NIADA

When it comes to collections, maintaining healthy relationships is the most critical way to stay in front of the situation. Communicating effectively with customers usually leads to greater success in them making their payments on time. Bill will show you how to avoid ending up with a frustrated customer by making sure you have the best processes and measures in place and communicating them to your clients. Come find out how to create a successful collections plan that includes how to gather all the right information in case a deal goes bad.