Monday – 9:30 a.m. Sessions

Reducing Employee Turnover at Your Dealership

Presented by Jason March – General Manager – March Motors

Many dealers struggle when trying to connect with and retain staff on a long-term basis. Jason believes that success depends on developing a clear philosophy and that dealers must ensure all staff share that philosophy. When everyone in an organization understands and participates in its mission, vision, and values, it allows a much more seamless operation and allows dealers to effectively hold people accountable. Having a shared philosophy fosters engagement and self-worth across all departments. Jason will show you how he meets regularly to share personal stories, celebrate wins, and address key issues and action items.
-Management/Dealers Learning from Dealers-

The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Your Search Engine Visibility

Presented by Greg Gifford – Chief Operating Officer – SearchLab Digital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your most important marketing channel. Google, Bing, and other search engines are the number one way most of your customers will find your dealership. This session will demonstrate what really matters and exactly what you should be doing to be more easily discovered. Greg offers a dynamic, movie-themed presentation that will both educate and entertain. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some of the recent best practices in SEO, how to optimize your Google Business Profile, and how to maintain your online reputation.

Repossession and Bankruptcy: The Latest and Greatest

Presented by Michael W. Dunagan – TIADA Counsel – Jameson & Dunagan, P.C.

The right to legally repossess collateral after default is one of the most important enforcement tools a car creditor has. But repossession sometimes leads to disputes and threats of litigation. This session will cover the rules and regulations surrounding legal repossession and the potential disputes and litigation that can arise from it. You’ll learn how to avoid the bankruptcy trap and protect your liens, as well as how to respond to bankruptcy filings to minimize liability. With Mike’s guidance, you’ll leave this session with a comprehensive understanding of how to legally repossess collateral and protect your dealership’s assets.

Mastering the Single Point of Contact: Elevating the Customer Experience

Presented by Sean Baker and Max Seltzer – Sales Consultants – JM&A Group Consulting Solutions

Join Sean and Max in this informative education session to learn how to create a smooth, customer-centric purchasing experience for your clients. Discover how to leverage existing technology in a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) model and meet customers where they are in the process. They will also discuss the different responsibilities of stakeholders in the SPOC model, how to transition from selling a vehicle to offering available product options, and the power of customer interviews in increasing product sales and closing percentages. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in understanding today’s consumers.

Young Guns: Dealers Under 40 Finding Success

Dealer Panel Discussion 

Panelists: Tony Caldwell (You Drive Auto, Dallas), Jason Gregory (Abilene Used Car Sales, Abilene), Deyla Lazo (Dario Auto Sales, Grand Prairie)

Moderator: Greg Chaney

The next generation of customers is already showing up at dealerships statewide. It is little wonder that the next generation of dealers are stepping into leadership roles in increasing numbers. This session will explore the backgrounds of three young dealers and discuss how their unique education and experiences translate into customer service, management, marketing, and more.