2023 TIADA Expo Speaker

Dealer Panel Discussion

Chloe Phea (Austin Rising Fast, Austin), Jay Rose (Dale’s Motor Company, San Antonio), William Mokry (W G Mokry Auto Sales, Cedar Park) Moderator: Sean Baker (JM&A Group Consulting Solutions)

Winning Approaches and Techniques in Menu Selling

Monday, July 24th 11:30 a.m.

Chloe Phea (Austin Rising Fast – Austin)
Chloe Phea is a second-generation car dealer and Financing Director for Austin Rising Fast Motor Cars. She is passionate about modernizing dealer processes and maximizing profits with backend products. She has successfully led an initiative to increase product penetration and improve profitability for both of her dealership locations. Chloe is known for her excellent analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to develop and implement effective financial strategies.

Jay Rose (Dale’s Motor Company – San Antonio)
Jay Rose is a Partner and General Manager of Dale’s Motor Company in San Antonio. He has over 35 years of hands-on experience using Menu Selling in all departments of Retail & BHPH dealerships. Jay has worked in businesses in MA, NY, PA, CT, CA, OH and held positions as Inventory Specialist, Salesperson, Marketing, Finance Manager, Call Center Manager, Sales Manager, Corporate Trainer, General Sales Manager, General Manager, Vice-President of Sales & Owner.

William Mokry (W G Mokry Auto Sales – Cedar Park)
Bill is the owner of W.G. Mokry Auto Sales and has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years covering sales, marketing, and finance in both, the corporate side, and the retail side of the business. He has spent most of his time working for retail dealerships but has plenty of experience in the BHPH arena, having established a BHPH operation early in his career and lately as a BHPH consultant.


Sean Baker, JM&A Group Consulting Solutions