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July 21-23, 2024JW Marriott Hill Country Resort

San Antonio, Texas

Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. Sessions

Redemptionists, Sovereign Citizens, and Real Persons, Oh My!

Presented by T. Bently Durant – COO and General Counsel Classic Chevrolet (Grapevine, TX)

Conspiracy theories are affecting car dealers.  Learn how to spot the scams before they happen at your store. This session explores the impacts of Sovereign Citizens, Redemptionists, and Tik Tok extremists on the vehicle purchase process. Bentley explores several myths scammers use to trick dealers—and some of them are almost impossible to believe. During this session, he will give specific examples of fraudulent credit disputes and other real-world scam attempts to help you spot and prevent similar scams at your dealership.

BHPH Unplugged

National Dealer Panel Discussion

Panelists:  Nick Markosian (UT), Candice Price (NE), Shawn Richardson (OK)

Moderator: Ben Goodman

The most attended session at every conference every year provides a unique opportunity to hear from three of the best dealers in the country. There are no slick PowerPoints or presentations in this session –it is real dealers talking about real problems and real successes. The panels are designed to be interactive and educational for the largest dealer or the one-man operation. Have questions about marketing, collections, underwriting, operations, make ready, or anything BHPH related? Then this is the session for you. Let’s talk business and don’t forget to bring your questions.

Did Google Get It Right with GA4? What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Website Traffic

Presented by Christopher Wood – Vice President, Client Strategy Digital Downforce / LocalIQ Automotive

On July 1, 2023, Google will retire Universal Analytics and migrate your website traffic analytics to their new GA4 Platform. In this session, Christopher will explain why Google made these changes, the impact these changes will have on your traffic insights, and what you can do when you get back to your dealership to instantly start optimizing your site and ad campaigns to improve leads and conversions.


Cash vs. Credit Pricing and the CFPB

Presented by Jean Noonan – Partner Hudson Cook LLP

If you thought the compliance issue of disclosing a “hidden finance charge” was resolved years ago, we have bad news. The CFPB has a new theory for suing dealers for passing on part of a finance company’s discount charge in the price of the car. This session will look at new compliance risks for independent dealers from this and other issues.

CYA: Cover Your Assets! (aka What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?)

Presented by Tom Kline – Lead Consultant and Founder Better Vantage Point 

When was the last time you took inventory of your insurance needs?  Have you considered the customer demand letters and how your insurance company might respond?  What if you are sued personally?  Are you aware that there is coverage available to you?  In this session, Tom will discuss why it is important to review your loss runs, walk your facility frequently, and check your insurance policies for coverage.  He will also touch on cyber insurance, Director’s and Officers’ insurance, personal umbrellas, and other thought-provoking ideas that you can implement as soon as you get back to the dealership.