Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. Sessions

Demystifying Arbitration: A Dealer’s Rights and Responsibilities 

Auction Expert Panel Discussion 

Panelists: Kyle Drake – America’s AA Austin, Lisa Franzl Big Valley Auto Auction

Moderator: Mike Browning, Manheim San Antonio

Vehicle auctions are a vital part of the auto industry, but disputes can arise between buyers and sellers. This session will provide dealers with a comprehensive understanding of vehicle auction arbitration, a powerful tool for resolving these disputes efficiently and fairly. Experts from several different auctions will share their insights on the arbitration process, including how to initiate arbitration, what to expect during the arbitration process, and tips for presenting a strong case. In this session, you will gain a thorough understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a dealer in the vehicle auction arbitration process, learn how to effectively resolve disputes with sellers and avoid costly litigation, and get practical tips from experienced professionals on how to prepare for and participate in arbitration.

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Inventory Management: Understanding the Things That Matter

Presented by Donald Sullivan, Jr. – President and General Manager – Sullivan Auto Trading (Fredericksburg, VA)

In the fast-paced world of auto sales, inventory management plays a pivotal role for dealerships. It’s not just about having the right cars available at the right time; it’s about maximizing profitability, reducing overhead costs, and staying ahead of market trends. Successful inventory management begins with understanding customer preferences. Dealerships should analyze local and regional market trends to identify popular car models and features. This helps stock vehicles that are in demand.   Effective inventory management is more than just a logistical task—it’s a strategic imperative. By staying attuned to market demand, optimizing turnover, and leveraging technology, auto dealerships can thrive and maintain profitability.

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Limiting Risks Without Limiting Deals—What to Look for in Underwriting Besides Downpayments

Presented by Tyler Simmons – Sales Manager – Abilene Used Car Sales (Abilene, TX)

In this session, you will learn how to extend your understanding of customer risk beyond mere downpayment assessments and discover how factors such as residency and employment history, income analysis, PTI, and vehicle selection can enhance sales potential while mitigating risk. You will also gain insights into leveraging credit reports, explore strategies for evaluating the stability of employment tenure and develop methods for assessing a customer’s financial capacity to sustain payments and vehicle maintenance. Join Tyler’s session to discover how to integrate customer-provided data with your analysis, enhance underwriting precision, prioritize long-term customer satisfaction, and adhere to established processes to optimize deals while minimizing risk exposure.

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Lead Handling to Generate Appointments that Show

Presented by Johnathan Dawson – Founder/President Sellchology Sales Training

Most salespeople aim to set appointments, and the best strive for appointments that actually show. But there’s an even higher goal – the “Reverse Appointment,” where the customer sets the appointment themselves. This indicates a strong desire to meet and do business with you. How do you create this? It’s not just about logistics, but also about building rapport and making your client genuinely want to meet you. In this session, Jonathan will reveal the science and psychology behind the Reverse Appointment, including five simple steps to integrate into every lead response for appointments that show and close.

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Building a Better Performing Portfolio

Presented by Ben Goodman – Senior 20 Group Moderator and Consultant NIADA

Buy the right Car…  Sell it to the Right Customer…  Collect all the Payments… If only it was that easy!  In the real world of “Grey” where we operate, there are many variables that impact your portfolio performance.  In this Session, Ben Goodman will guide you through the fundamentals that tie inventory mix, sales process, underwriting, and collections together into a successful BHPH Program. Ben will walk through the key steps and processes needed in each of those four phases, sharing best practices gathered after visiting hundreds of dealerships and lessons learned from 31 years of experience in this industry.

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